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The 21st Sumathi Awards 2016  

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Sumathi Awards 2016

Sumathi Awards 2016

Sumathi Awards 2016

Sumathi Awards 2016

Sumathi Awards 2016

Sumathi Awards 2016

Sumathi Awards 2016

The 21st Sumathi Awards 2016 held at BMICH

For UAE expats looking to move to Canada without a job offer, this could be your last chance to register for the immigration program that actually permits it.

The Quebec Skilled Worker Program that allows a mover to the country without a job offer in your pocket features more than 75 eligible occupations and areas of training that will enable applicants to qualify for a Quebec Certificate of Selection (CSQ) – without a job offer.

The intake of applications will be on from August 16 until August 22.

The QSWP application process moved online in January 2016. Individuals interested in applying to the program are required to create and complete a profile on the online intake management system Mon projet Québec.

The QSWP receives application submissions during designated intake periods, which have a limit on the number of applications that may be received.

The upcoming intake period is expected to receive 5,000 applications through Mon projet Québec.

This is a first-come, first-serve basis program and those who successfully submit their online profile will be accepted in the next intake period.

Certain candidates, including temporary residents of Quebec and candidates with a validated job offer in Quebec, can submit their application through Mon Projet Québec at any time.

The eligibility criteria for the QSWP

The programme works on a points-based system. The applicants must meet a minimum of points to be eligible for the programme.

A candidate’s family situation will impact the criteria. A single applicants is required to have 49 points, while applicants including their spouse or common-law partner on their application must obtain 57 points.

Education, work experience, languages knowledge, family situation can lead to additional points.

Occupations that boost your chances

This program lists more than 75 eligible occupations and areas of training that help applicants qualify for a CSQ without a job offer.

The areas of training list features a wide range of studies awarding points to applicants (and a spouse or de facto spouse) for diplomas acquired outside Quebec or obtained in Quebec or recognised as Quebec equivalent.

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