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DS Senanayake College Back To School Day  

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DS Senanayake College Back To School Day

DS Senanayake College Back To School Day

DS Senanayake College Back To School Day

DS Senanayake College Back To School Day

DS Senanayake College Back To School Day

Flexibility is a key value for workers who actually report that they would actually go as far as to turn down a job where flexibility was not offered at all, says research by Regus, the workplace provider.

Almost half report they would have stayed longer in a previous job had flexible working been an option, highlighting what an important retention tool flexible working has become.

Almost 40,000 business people globally were interviewed and they revealed that flexible working can bring about a startlingly wide array of benefits.

Specifically, working closer to home helps workers feel more rested and lead healthier lifestyles perhaps as it reduces stressful commutes or allows them to cycle or walk to work. Perhaps more importantly, access to locations closer to work also mean that workers can spend more time with the families and friends.

Flexible workers are seen as having more spare time by 78% of respondents as they can choose work location and workload;

-          Four fifths say flexible workers are better able to juggle personal and professional demands;

-         69% say that flexible workers are more mindful and are better able to assess their levels of well-being;

-         61% go as far as to say they would turn down a job where not flexibility was ruled out entirely.

Kory Thompson, Country Manager UAE, Oman & Kuwait at Regus, said: "Flexibility, and specifically the ability to choose to work from a location closer to home are becoming ever more important to helping modern workers find a balance between their hectic work lives and their physical and emotional demands. Businesses wanting to attract and retain highly skilled and valuable workers cannot afford to ignore how important providing a good work:life balance has become.

"What is surprising is the range and breadth of benefits that business people see derive from working closer to home: from being able to cycle in to work, to getting a lie-in, the benefits also translate in greater 'mindfulness' and better health as well as more time to spend with loved ones and on hobbies."

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