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Cops to get 5000 STF for the election  

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The Police Department said today 66,100 police personnel have been deployed for election duties and that they will be each armed with a T56 weapon.
The police personnel have been ordered to use reasonable force in the event it was necessary. Police personnel will also carry out mobile patrolling and be on duty at check points.

“If any person violates the civic right of citizens to vote or uses criminal force or impedes the lawful duty of a police officer, reasonable force will be used to prevent such situations or otherwise bring them under control,” police spokesman Ajith Rohana said.
He warned politicians and supporters to desist from engaging in any illegal activity during the run-up to the election, on the date of the election and immediately after it.

SSP Rohana said a circular has been issued to all senior DIGs by IGP N.K Ilangakoon on how they should act.
The points include, adherence to election laws including the taking down of propaganda material, arresting those accused of illegal activities during the run-up to the elections and ensuring peace during the post-election period.

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